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Slit wristless sleeping with the girl next door

I know why i'm all alone again

6 September
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My name is Bruno, i live in South Florida. Yeah it's pretty sweet except for the new " scene kids " everyone wants to bash including myself

Well let's see, I love playing guitar and screaming. Nothing goes better then those two, I love music and that's basicly what i live for.

I love going to shows

I have had my heart broken recently so i guess i'm a little voulnerable if you will

I'm the coolest f'in kid on the planet, i don't liek fake people, just be yourself no matter what and you will be happy, don't go byw hat other people tell you

I have a myspace MYSPACE !!!!7225411

This is me

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So if you feel the need to ad me cauuse i'm oh so cool, jk add me, i always love meeting new people.
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